Clash was founded with the goal of helping short-form video Creators earn a living by providing a safe place where they can be themselves and engage with their biggest fans. While other platforms offer monetization options such as Creator Funds and ad revenue sharing, they set a high bar for participation, meaning that earnings tend to trickle up to the top 1%. That approach works for the upper echelon of Creators, but most of the community is left to fend for themselves.

At Clash, we believe that if you create, you’re a Creator — with a capital C and everything…

Meishmoe representing Clash in Los Angeles Summer 2020

Dear Clash community,

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the Byte App will officially be joining the Clash family. We are excited to bring two communities together to make a better world for creators. Byte has built a fantastic suite of creator tools that compliments our vision of better creator monetization. We cannot wait to bring these two together for a brighter future.

While this may seem like a surprise to outsiders, it makes perfect sense for creators. Years ago, I got my start on Vine, founded by Byte Founder, Dom Hofmann. Things are really coming full circle now as…

Hello Byte Community,

We want to take a quick second and offer up an explanation for recent content strikes for music usage on the platform. Most importantly, we want to address the way in which the strikes were conducted, and focus on how we can do better moving forward.

An update regarding music on Byte

Music on videos is awesome, and we want to make sure you have it. That said, as we work to build a platform with a sustainable foundation, we must take steps to ensure that we are adequately protecting the rights of individuals and groups external…

Hello to all of our wonderful byte family.

Over the last few months the Clash team has been working tirelessly to build an exciting new ecosystem for mobile creators. Our mission is to make more full time creators by connecting you (the creator) with your biggest fans. Our team is made up of creators and tech company experts who have both witnessed and experienced the problems that plague modern mobile creators. To summarize, we have heard your excitement and anticipation for an update, and we are building you so much more.

During our transition phase, you may have noticed our…

The Creator Economy is on fire. With all the buzz about the spotlit creator economy, and new creator-focused companies popping up left and right (the more the merrier) — it’s becoming increasingly clear that we are headed for an era of innovation in models that reward the ultimate contributors, creators. Further, this week Influencer Marketing Hub pegged the greater creator economy space at a whopping $100 billion — a figure only expected to grow.

The social media giants (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) have allowed so many of us creators to find new ways to express ourselves and build audiences of…

When engagement is a creators currency, shadow banning can strip them of everything

Imagine possessing the talent that cultivates a following of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Then, imagine spending hours of your day pouring everything you have into the perfect idea. You send the video off, and it immediately gains the viral traction you were expecting. But then five minutes later — it’s taken down. Welcome to the life of a creator.

Shadow banning is nothing new — creators have battled wild, unexpected changes in their engagement across platforms for years. …

Creators build community (@colehersch_CEO, @femi, @pudge on Clash App)

How do you build a community with millions of people you don’t know?

Most brands and social networks spend much of their time attempting to build community from nothing. They may build a product for a specific community, or they might provide a blank canvas product for users to make their own communities. Either way, it’s become common practice for brands to devote teams and resources to establish community groups on platforms.

If you take a step back and look at who these brands and platforms are actually engaging with, you’ll find they are likely creators.

Sure there are celebrity…

Nathan Apocada, AKA @420doggface208

Last week Nathan Apodaca got on a skateboard, cranked up Fleetwood Mac, and cruised the streets sipping cranberry juice. Of course, Nathan went viral, because us humans love beautiful moments. This past week, fans of the viral hit led a $10,000+ support fund to put some money in his pocket to help him support his family, and of course, for more cranberry juice.

The viral moment

After watching the internet come together to do something amazing for Nathan, I started to think more about Nathan as a representation of all creators and what their return on their creativity looks like…

Clash is the first Creator-Founded Social Network

When I boarded a flight to Chicago in 2017, I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary, much less something life-changing to greet me when I landed. Seatbelts unfastened, as my world flipped on its axis by the grim news that Vine was going to be shutting down. Permanently. Forever.

After years of creating six-second videos, building a following of hundreds of thousands of people, and amassing millions of views (loops) — I found myself struggling to reconcile how I was going to continue creating without the platform I gave years of my life to. …

Clash App

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