Clash: Announcing Early Beta Testing For Byte Creators

Hello to all of our wonderful byte family.

Over the last few months the Clash team has been working tirelessly to build an exciting new ecosystem for mobile creators. Our mission is to make more full time creators by connecting you (the creator) with your biggest fans. Our team is made up of creators and tech company experts who have both witnessed and experienced the problems that plague modern mobile creators. To summarize, we have heard your excitement and anticipation for an update, and we are building you so much more.

During our transition phase, you may have noticed our team updating discovery pages, engaging with many of the phenomenal creators (so many of you!), and overall, getting familiar with the wonderful community Dom Hoffman and team have assembled with Byte. For us, we want to make sure we cherish what the Byte team has created for you all, and make sure we capture the essence behind your creativity. Our goal is to maintain all the great creativity tools Dom built and the current community cherishes.

As we have progressed in bringing you a thrilling update (and then some) to the app, we have begun internal user testing on a few of the exciting new features we’ll be offering on Clash. We want to give you, the Byte community, early access. We’re thrilled to be building this alongside creators, so we wanted to invite you to be some of the very first on Clash. Tons of you were early-beta testers on Byte, and as the community and product evolve into an even more creator-supportive environment, we want your feedback.

On June 8th, we will post an Early-Beta Testing Signup link on all of the Byte and Clash socials, and will be selecting Byte creators who are excited for this new era to come to try out what we’ve been working so hard on. Throughout the following weeks after the signup goes live, we’ll be rolling out the app in waves, making sure we test with a diverse group of creators and fans. We can’t wait!

See you on June 8th.

-Community @ Clash




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