Everyone is a Creator

Clash was founded with the goal of helping short-form video Creators earn a living by providing a safe place where they can be themselves and engage with their biggest fans. While other platforms offer monetization options such as Creator Funds and ad revenue sharing, they set a high bar for participation, meaning that earnings tend to trickle up to the top 1%. That approach works for the upper echelon of Creators, but most of the community is left to fend for themselves.

At Clash, we believe that if you create, you’re a Creator — with a capital C and everything. You shouldn’t need to be admitted into an exclusive club before you can start receiving monetary support. This is why we’re proud to say that everyone can earn on Clash.

Everyone Can Earn on Clash

At launch, everyone on Clash will be able to send and receive Drops, which are a digital good that enables fans to show support for their favorite Creators. Users purchase Drops from their App Store and can use them as a token of appreciation by sending Drops and FanMail (a new messaging experience for fans and creators). We’re making monetization fun for fans, and stress free for creators, as it should be. Like a video/creator? Send Drops.

How do I redeem my Drops?

Creators will be eligible to redeem their Drops, our digital good, for USD starting at 2,500 Drops ($25). In addition to Drops being sent on individual videos, we’re looking at ways for fans to support Creators on a more recurring basis. Platforms like Twitch do this well, but currently short form creators just don’t have their own similar experience. We’re taking what other platforms do well, and making it fun and easy for the mobile generation of creators. We like fun.

Are there any exceptions to earning?

Clash is a place for original video content (in which all parties have consented to appear). What we mean is, using footage that you don’t own is not our vibe (though we love memes, we don’t like the idea of folks stealing meme gold and uploading it for Drops).

Other exceptions will be addressed as we roll out shortly (redemption thresholds, age requirements, Drops usage) but we are proud to say, we will be able to help support MILLIONS of creators at launch. As long as a creator is 18 years of age or older and satisfies the necessary tax requirements, they’ll be set to earn and apply to redeem Drops from their fans.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Drops redemption.

What portion of my earnings will Clash take?

At launch, Clash will take zero redemption fee. That means Creators will keep 100% of the value of their earned Drops. I know, we’re excited about this too.

So is there a Partner Program?

While all creators can earn on Clash, we understand that not all Creators’ needs are the same. Creators with large audiences can have bigger footprints within a platform and can feel both the successes of a platform and the negatives in an amplified way. Within the Creator Partner Program, we will be able to allocate appropriate resources and perks for various types of Creators. At launch, we’ll be looking at Creators with active audiences, exciting Drops activity, and positive communities and fans to join us in the Partner Program. We’ll be rolling out more information on the Partner Program in the coming weeks.

That’s all for now.

Keep Creating,
Your Friends at Clash