New App, Same Mission.

3,500 Creators Earning on Clash and Growing…

Clash just got a FaceTune.

Today marks a very important day for all of us at Clash. It’s momentous not only because we have milestones and victories to announce, but also due to the fact the we get to reintroduce ourselves to the world (or some corner of the internet at least).

Since launching our initial MVP back in the summer of 2020, and through our acquisition of byte, we’ve been pretty clear on one thing; we’re long on mobile video creators. In fact, I’ve been long on the breed ever since I was one of them, starting back on Vine (we miss you) in 2013. Our introduction to you all came in the form of “another short-form video app”, amongst a sea of others, at a time when the future of the largest in the room (TikTok), was anything but certain.

Since then, there has been wild consolidation in the space. Aside from our acquisition of byte, we watched as platforms like Firework and Triller completely shifted their focus in other directions, and others like DubSmash joined larger operations. Alas, TikTok stood strong through ‘Trumpian’ scrutiny, Instagram Reel-y went in on video (sorry) and YouTube declared “we are also doing this now”. And then there was us, Clash, hurrying to get the hell out of that circle of friends and into the realm we promised to deliver on; monetization.

Our relaunch of Clash came after adding a layer of Creator infrastructure ($$$) to the byte experience. In October of 2021, we introduced the world to a fun, bubbly digital good called Drops, that Creators could receive from their fans, and that we believed would be the start of our movement to make more full time mobile video Creators. The good news here, we weren’t wrong.

Since our launch in late October, over four million of those little things (Drops) have been sent on our platform from fans to Creators. Four million Drops have made their way to over 3,500 Creators on the platform. Creators of all sizes (150 to 1.5m followers) have begun receiving support from their fans on Clash; and we’re pretty excited about that.

Along the way we released FanMail, a direct, paid-messaging tool between creators and their biggest fans that allows those fans to send custom Drops and unlock the ability to send personalized messages straight to their favorite Creators. We’ve seen Creators and fans not only interacting and sharing moments together on the platform, but fans actually collaborating with Creators and inspiring them to make something new. You can read about some fun examples here with a few of the Creators who have called Clash home for the past few months.

What we’ve taken from all of this is the following: Creators are willing to receive support from their fans, and fans are more than willing to help those Creators keep chasing their dreams. In fact, fans are so willing that many Creators are already paying rent with the Drops they cash out at the end of the month. This has been the goal all along, and now it’s revealing itself in the thousands of folks sending and receiving monetary support on Clash.

We’re not done 🧑‍🍳

The not-so-fun part of this journey has been shaking off this “another video app” stigma and showing folks who we truly are. So we’re doing just that.

Today, we’re unveiling an entirely new look to Clash, ditching the sit-n-scroll, consume-until-your-thumbs-give-out video main feed and trading it in for something much more inline with who we really are.

A New Home Experience: My Clash 🏡

My Clash is our new, all-in-one Home Page for the lives and fandom’s of Creators.

Let’s be honest, having the full-screen video scroll experience really made it tough for us to show Creators and fans our true full vision. That’s why we’ve completely revamped the Clash experience starting on the Home screen.

My Clash (our new home page) makes it even easier for Creators and fans to come together and manage their digital lives. Our new home screen lets you manage your life as Creator or fan all in one place; check and access your Drops balance, keep up with your favorite Creator’s new videos, check your FanMail and messages, add a new post, or check out what’s happening in your community. For me, this really highlights our efforts to make managing your life as a Creator that much more stress-free. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t add how wonderful it is to not look like “just a video” app any longer.

Recurring Revenue & Support: Launching Subscriptions 💰

In addition to My Clash, we’re also releasing Subs, a subscription & VIP experience for fans of Creators to become monthly/recurring supporters of their favorite Creators, and to receive recognition for their support. Outside of one-time Drops & FanMail, I’m excited to give mobile video Creators a chance to establish recurring income for themselves, and hopefully minimize some stress-levels and help Creators avoid burn out from chasing brand deals.

The Team testing Subs for not just mobile, but Web too!

We’re also leaning into finding ways to make earning even more trouble-free for Creators and more accessible fans. Our Web team has been constructing tools that will allow fans to send support directly on web, utilizing top notch solutions like Stripe, to bring earnings directly to Creators from outside the app experience. This is all in the name of making our mission a reality; to make more full-time video Creators.

We’re cranking away at loads of other exciting features in the pipeline that I can’t wait to start sharing, but for now, I’m going to get back to working with our team, and the dozens of Creators who we’re chatting with everyday.

Thanks for joining us on the ride thus far.

Brendon & the Clash Fam




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